Thursday, December 27, 2012

November 26


Well we have had a good week. 2 baptisms and we fulfilled the goal of 4
this month. big achievement in the area. And was a miracle.  He was
going to get baptized Saturday but we couldn't find him. but he came to
the baptism of Merry  ( it would have been his too) and he did like it.
so the next day Sunday we went and he told us that Sunday at 8 he
wanted to be baptized. it was awesome . he is named Amilkar.  He knew
the missionaries for some time. his 4 sisters, younger are members but
his 3 older brothers and his  parents aren't.  he was so ready . also
the end of his baptism his mom gave him a hug, and not going to lie it
made me miss mom a ton. love ya mom.

the baptism of Merry of 72 years was kinda funny. it was kinda cold the
water, and she like didn't want to go under. after i said the prayer she took
like a full minute or more for her to let me baptize her. it was kinda

We have a investigator of 83 year. Fousto . He wanted to see a
baptism and  he came and liked it a lot. i think this next month he
will be baptized. I'm super excited. he is still like working every day
in carpentry it's crazy.

The husband of our pench (land lord) was talking with a kid last night we passed
by and said  hi.  he told us the kid is less  active and  that he
needs to return. i don t even remember what i said. something about
his family in the future but i felt the spirit testifying of my words
it was something i cant even explain but was cool. he is from a
different part kinda of far away but i told him i loved him and to do
what was needed.  i hope he can make the right choices.

really not  a  lot more to write. just sent pictures. of our p day planned
 for the  sister missionaries last week.  all is well  I'm now used
to being sick all the time.  my comp is   Chevere.

love you all. now I'm going to read your letters

E. Montgomery

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