Thursday, December 27, 2012

December 23

i tried to send pic but the Internet is terrible here but were are
lucky the power came back

cant wait to talk Tuesday.
first. the book Jesus the Christ make it back with my letter to you guys
from Mcghie?

oh and i love the tie you sent. I think its my favorite. the package got
here but i don't get it till Thursday.

So I'm in a new area.  junin.  one of the coldest areas of the mission
on top of it. We are opening an area. like the last transfer there
weren't missionaries here. And they made me district leader.... kinda
threw a lot on me. also my companion is kinda bad.  The zone leader said
he is here for law and i need to help him.. yeah....also in the past
year here there has been only one baptism. it was a child. but we
already have a baptism... how lucky and we are working good its just
really cold.   I sleep with 5 big blankets ha ha. the town is  an hour
from everything also.

yesterday after the church my comp and i kinda broke down cuz its
pretty terrible here but then we encouraged ourselves again.  its hard.
so ill call Tuesday but maybe more late than you want cuz i have to
take and pass information to the zone leader ill call like 8 or 830 in
your time.   i really have nothing else.. so ill read what you sent

love ya

still shoveling

E Montgomery

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