Thursday, December 27, 2012

December 3

Family and Friends,

 So first i have to tell about yesterday, church was crazy there were
little kids playing and making bunch of noise out side and we could
hear all of it so we had to leave and tell them to enter or leave. we
had to tell them like 3 times.  They were climbing the wall and fences.
So i didn't get to enjoy the meeting. Then the bishop said that we
needed to give the lesson in class. I have no idea what it was on but we winged
it. It was the part with Mormon at  the end with all the wicked people in such
little time turned so wicked.  In the end basically i proclaimed
repentance to everyone  and i felt the spirit testifying. i think i
spoke the best Spanish of my life.  but this is what this ward needs-
to repent. Us as missionaries also, but ya. i felt like i followed the

So today we don't even have p-day just to write is all. Friday the pres.
comes for a p-day with him.  cool i guess ha.  but E. Uceta of the
seventy came to train us in a conference.  we, my companion and i looked
pretty dumb in a practice that we did in front of everyone but we
learned. basically he just burned us all out. but  we are pretty good
he admitted.  i learned tons more than i can write.

Our investigator, of 83 finally came to church. 2 weeks he will get
baptized!  a family that we told them that they have to get married is
now hiding from us and a sure baptism didn't attend the church
yesterday.  we're in a hard time right now.   well that's the life here
hope things are well at home
love ya all.

E. Montgomery

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