Tuesday, January 8, 2013

January 7

So i just noticed that there is lots to read so ill print it.  first
don't worry about the pudding but send more hot cocoa.
So thanks Dave for your letter. it encouraged me. yes i am being good
but sometimes with a companion  that sleeps in, ya i could too, easy.
But its true the Lord knows even if the president doesn't haha.

Thank the Carrigan and Wells family for the Christmas card- its was way cool.
Also i got a letter from a elder from the MTC- a Latin and he sent
photos from my comp in the mtc. i was confused but now i get it. they
are companions, its pretty cool..

So i want to share a story i learned this week. of mishac, shadrac and
abendigo. In the Bible in Daniel.  so in short they were sent to the
oven basically and the king saw 4 people not 3. first we know the Lord is
always with us. Also after they left the oven they didn't even smell
like fire, they were not stained not even the smell. Its like us in
the world. There are so many things that can stain us. Some people are in
the world and have there clothes little burnt, others just there hairs
others live with he smell of the fire. But in order to arrive to
live with God we cant even have the smell.  like in 2 Ne. says we are
free to choose life or .. i don't remember the word. captivity maybe..
so that we don't get stained we have to do what it says in Jacob 1:19
I think. If we are already members. if not. 3 Ne. 27: 20 something like
that. Be baptized.  this is what i learned. its pretty... cool i want
you guys to apply it.

So this week was crazy. We had a baptism but the next day we went over
there and she said in 2 years. And said she doesn't want us to come now
until she is ready... it made me pretty mad.  When People know what
they have to do but don't do it. that was really discouraging.  But
ya..  Other stuff, almost every day in the  morning there has not been water.
the other day no watter or power.. the other day no power all day .
the phone died and we couldn't contact the zone leaders and they
needed us to send the record of the baptisms. Also those of my
district didn't answer there phone so we had to go to San Pedro De
Cajas.  They weren't there they had gone to Tarma. Because i communicated
bad.. at least they are forgiving ha ha.

Its hard here. it makes me think of too many things because there isn't much
success but we are still working. The thing is i don't know what to do
and my companion doesn't help tons in that aspect. But i am trusting in the
Lord to tell me what i can do.  The only thing keeping my companion from
being a senior companion or DL is to be more obedient and do more than the
minimum.  And not be so lazy sometimes. haha sound like a lot but its
not. so ya

still shoveling.

love ya

E. Montgomery

December 31

Happy Birthday Kelsey!!!!!!!

This week went real well. we had not just one but 2 baptisms. it was
awesome I'll tell you all about it.  But the picture I'm sending I want
to explain.  So our room is big and we found chest pieces so we played
on the ground, the gringo is the elder in my district  just so you
know. And i did win ha ha.
So the first baptism i already told you and this picture is of that but
the other was a miracle.  But i didn't take my camera... so i don't have
pictures.  But it's a girl, 16 years she has asked for months but the
missionaries haven't been able to get her permission. So we went and it was
the first time that the parents let the missionaries come in.  So we
just got to know them and then we started to ask about the baptism
what they think and we started to teach. The dad accepted even to
prepare for a baptism too but the mom was more hard to get to
understand and in the end the girl bore her testimony and the spirit
filled the room it was the first time that the mom had listened to
her.  And we left her with the permission paper and asked her to
.. pray about it and then sign if you feel right.
 well she signed it the next day, and Sunday her daughter got
baptized and her parents came to see it and came to see the
confirmation. it was an awesome experience for us.   so we ended our
second week here with 2 baptisms. not bad for opening an area. we are
blessed so much. i know it but we are working hard. maybe we can have
another this week. pray for us.

It rains every day here. yesterday it rain so bad.  But it made me feel
more like a missionary working in the rain- its weird.  we got soaked to
the bone. so cold..  I do get along with my comp we are super friends
i can learn from him,  but he can learn from me too.  it's always like that.

Today we are going to have an activity for end of the year and we did a
game with questions and it s going to be so cool.  i hope people
brings friends.

We did divisions and i went to San Pedro. There was 3 of us there with
only 2 beds guess who slept on the floor... and it was cold also.  But
it went well.  its weird being district leader i kinda don't know what
to do.  and what I was going to teach tomorrow in the class. The zone
leader who came to do divisions did it without knowing. At least i was
thinking the something.

its so cold that i can hardly type.

oh Dave thanks for the letters and thanks to your family.  i did enjoy it
even though it kinda chewed me out and got after me ha ha  that's about
it for this week. hope next week its warmer ha ha.  jamas!!

E. Montgomery

still shoveling