Saturday, August 25, 2012

August 20th

 First off thanks for the package. It's great. The peanut butter is almost
gone haha. the caramels are great and the milky ways are little melted but
good, same with the the El fudge.  k the ties were not what i expected
but thanks .. i just thought now that pop tarts would be
awesome!! haha thanks

first off i lost my bom cover. we always have a bom in our hands and it
has our name and everything. in the cover had my money my keys and my
oil. also pictures of converts and of Patten and Kimball and the list
of the ward... that really sucks. I left it in a taxi i think when i
went to get my new companion.  great first impression no," hey i lost my
book of Mormon "yup I'm a idiot thanks.  but I'm going to get some money
from my card today...

my companion has 21 month or more in the mission. only 2 transfers
left. every day he says. "it doesn't matter I'm going home soon".  he
does thinking different than elder Morales but not all things bad. his
name E. Perez.  he is awesome in lessons. he knows how to talk to people
and knows his scriptures really well too.  he is great with contacts and
just talking and gaining trust with people.  but i don't know if like him
but other times i feel like I'm on my own in my area.  I'm praying real
hard for help .

we have already found new people. we were short on investigators when he
got here. but we found some families I'm excited.  but we have lots of
kids with out permission from their parents so we cant baptize
them yet...

ya i don't have lots more to write. just that the mission definitely is
not easy.  but why should it be, was it easy for Christ? why should it
be easy for me.  if life was easy we couldn't show our faith and
patience to our Lord and our real desire to be better and progress.
that's why we are here. We are tested and need to prove our real desires to
follow our savior day in and day out.

love you all
E. Montgomery

Thursday, August 9, 2012

August 6

Ya I'm just going to print these letters and read them later haha. but
get this, one day this week we were given rice in the morning rice for
lunch and rice for dinner...Huancayo..

Oh first off thank uncle Lane for you letter cool to hear of the
progress of the temple and your service! congrats.

So we had a hard but interesting week. we finally found some new
people. one lives next door to the bishop and is pretty interested but
works late for entertainment type stuff for parties so he is too tired
to come to church. that's our hardest part of the work of the Lord.
getting people to church ha.  He is just a kid of 13 or so but church
will be hard for him.

Also a hermana of  28 years and a 2 year old boy. she isn't married to
her paraja though. That always happens to us. she has difficulty raising
her son mostly solo her paraja works a lot!  but i think a sister in
the ward would help her there is a friend in the ward who raising her son
alone too.

We ask for miracles like everyday in our area and i think we were given
one this week. A sister in the ward, her niece and sister came to
town. the mom is in active mostly because of where she lives, there isn't a
church, she likes the feeling in church , the mom and daughter came
yesterday, but the daughter is not baptized yet and she wants to be
baptized this week and her mom wants the same.

The parents of one of our converts named Alex, his parents are all but
ready for baptism this week the dad is awesome always attentive and
understands what to do. but the mom always ends up asleep. They only have
time at 8 in the night and on Sundays. And she is tired. She kind of
lacks a  testimony of the Book of Mormon. But we are working hard with
her this week.

We haven't seen the other daughter from the family Flores that we
baptized two weeks ago. she needs to get married and then she can get
baptized. but she lives in a different area and attends a different
ward. Its kinda weird we just hope her pareja is fine with the idea of
marriage ha. Why do people live  with each other before
marriage!  Its weird before we really didn't have trouble with baptism's
and now we have lots. It feels like,
I guess the Lord thinks we can do it.

also Kimico, just needs her permission, but her parents live in Italy,
but said if her aunt says ya then all is good, and the aunt wants to
be baptized she just doesn't have time for the lessons. but its like we
cant find Kimico anymore. frustrating.

So more or less this is our life. just one more week together and we
have transfers,

mom read Alma 56. verses 47 48..   thanks for everything

Also this week we ate pizza first time in 3 months. we went to visit the
guy who served his mission with Bubba and his apartment it the most
like the states that i have  seen in Peru. A big apartment with real a
kitchen big TV, direct TV it had it all.. like 3 bedrooms. But he put on
the Olympics. that was a big temptation and neither me or my companion
said anything to turn it off. more we were scared.... we felt so bad
after. but i did get to make up for the 4 of July because the USA won something
and played the anthem!! Ha

yup love you all and for your to you next week. pray for
us with baptisms this week. and ill pray for house Ha
E. Montgomery

July 15

So I head to Lima today after Internet to kinda complete my training.
and Friday I went to Huancavalica 6 hours by train from Huancayo to
translate for the air force, they are doing medical care for free but
needed translators. it was awesome. E. Mcghie sent a good picture home.
but the train was awesome and to help them was awesome. service in
general is awesome.

So we got the genera conference Liahona last week and it ws like
Christmas and nowIi have lots of time to  read it with my trip to
Lima today!

Oh and Ii sent some letters home. cost 7 soles each one. like 3
dollars! Oh and I miss subway so much right now.. that's all.

Obedience is a huge part of the mission and every one told me that
before but its more than just doing the right things. the bar keeps
raising its not just to obey but to obey for principal not just law.
and that is how life is we need ot obey for principal. we need to
understand why we obey not just do it. and we need to do it willing
and the blessings can be be so  much more for us. that's something I've
learned. and faith to. faith is when we do everything that we possible
can do and know and have faith that god will finish for us. and he
always will if we do our part. that is what we are trying to do as
missionaries. be worthy of miracles.

this week we had two baptisms and one was the daughter of the lady in
the wheel chair. her testimony after was so rewarding. she was a
miracle to us to be honest.  this week we have to work hard but I'm 2
days almost 3 in Lima.

this week in sacrament I almost cried. I was looking around and made
eye contact with all our converts and investigators in the meeting
and I realized that I have made friends here that are so dear to me
and eventually I'm going to leave its sad. I really love the ward and
the people especially the old time members.

ah aha and even the pencion. the place I live and eat. we had a popcorn
fight last night. well they threw popcorn at me haha but I love them

I had a dream I was home last night. and that was a terrible dream. I
want to be here. the only good thing of the dream was Sunday dinner
of potato's and gravy!!  i really miss food from home. and the family
lots but this is were i need to be.

I didn't get to read all the letter so I'm printing it. hope all is well
Love you all

E. Montgomery

July 8

OK.  so Kara that is awesome great job wish i was there to see it! now
you just have to clear the wake and start surfing.  and i understand
sometimes its hard to think what to say.  and Hayden lake sounds like
it will be a blast just make sure to live up any time that the
temperature is more than 50 ha ha

wow great news i cant get my camera to work right now. I'm sure i will
as soon as i leave Internet ha.  nope its just dead...

and wow with the house. so this is for real that is pretty sad. but
Ive been praying so hard for the right choice.  i bet the house is
awesome. dad always does a good job. and ya send pictures, doesn't take
any time just send them.  and make sure the new house looks just as
good at our other house.  and Kara don't worry about school it'll l be
fine! i set a good reputation for you ha ha.

lake sounds great and i bet the 4th was fun and i hope aunt Tillie is
better .

so last Monday one of our investigators that we found my first day
here, died. heart attack. he just had to come to church and he could
be baptized.  ya it was hard to believe. he called us 4 time in the
day too but we were out at the panchamaca. for  p day.

so E. Morales and i are together another 6 weeks which is fine with me.

its really cool I'm realizing that i now understand the scriptures so
much more than before and they are so awesome for real.  i can read
fast and still understand it. we are reading the book of Mormon in 100
days and i love it. just hard in Spanish haha.

we now have two family's of investigators. both families with 2
daughters and mom.  i hope they get baptized. one already has their
answer! but we need references cuz lots of our citas are falling

i think that's it for now. love you all

E. Montgomery

July 2


ya so first this week was good we had 2 baptisms and one was the lady
who cant walk. we had three of us in the fount helping her. it was
petty cool for real.  we did not make our goal as a zone. our
district of 4 ppl had half of what the whole zone had.  as a
companionship we had 6 but for this transfer we had 7.  we just have to
keep working hard. Huancayo is great super prepared to hear.

first transfer is over this week that's weird its been fast and slow.
my Spanish has gotten better and i don't always understand but most of
the time i get everything.  I'm not to worried any more of that.  and
this transfer elder Thorpe from Brighton comes to the field of Lima
este!! welcome to him haha.

oh i have more to add to the package! a new ties one pair of socks and
 letters!! haha

so remember how i always said its not winter inside. and that was my
excuse to wear shorts always in the winter. that doesn't work here.
inside is more cold and i die!! its hard to stay warm.  at least i
have warm water. the zone leaders don't...

awesome to hear about the house hope things go well and with the
rental YAAA!!  and hopefully after that you can focus on the lake

i just remembered that this month is July with the 4 and 24.  make
sure to live it up

please keep me updated with aunt Tillie and ill keep
praying ya.  thanks for the letter from Ryan and James too.

I'm  trying to send some letters but might not work.

love elder Montgomery

oh who do we know as far as family that lives in scoffield and tremonten

June 24

This week has flown but looking back to last Monday seems so long
ago.. we have meeting every week and a English class for the Latinos.
elder McGie prayed in english and it was so funny he just could not do
it i thought it was so funny but the same day we did splits and i
taught a kid in english and Tampoco couldn't pray in English it was bad
but it was awesome to teach in English. now i know i can teach  and i
saw my progress in Spanish, in all that day was awesome!!
we saw a miracle this week we had a date set with a kid of 9 years
and we went to interview him and during that i was speaking with his
mom who said that she doesn't want her son to be baptized he is only a
kid and this is a big decision. i just kinda bore a testimony but i
could relate with the situation because our family's are all members.
the leader of the district came in after said he is ready and prepare                       
and so i had to explain a little to him. he told the story of his
story of being the only one of his family to be baptized at age 9 just a kid
too. and we left it at that with a prayer. The next day we were at a
other baptism and the mom and son showed up. we just thought to watch
the service. nope for his baptism. we don't know what changed but be we
were grateful.   and after he bore his testimony how he felt in his
heart that this is right and he wanted to be baptized. that hit me good
this work is awesome! now we have 4 baptisms and have 4 pretty set
ones next week.  if the Lord gave us this goal then we can achieve it
we just need to work as hard as we can and he will completes his end.
we have another investigator she is 66 or so. her legs are real bad
but i love visiting her she told us she can feel something
different with us than other churches she has searched. I'm excited for
her. when she is baptized we both have to do it because she can't stand.

we are having trouble with a testimony with another so my companion
and i decided that we would ask the lord if the book of Mormon is true
also. we cant ask a investigator to do some thing that we wont  do. i
got my answer and it was great. and i think she did as well.  hope
fully we baptize her this week!

e. montgomery