Thursday, March 29, 2012

First Week in the MTC

today marks my week mark here at the MTC. the feeling of EFY type thing is over now and this seems more real. we already started teaching our first investigator on last Friday, and it was in Spanish. but it is absolutely amazing how fast Spanish comes when you have 6 hours of class a day coupled with the spirit when you learn and teach. with the language I've seen and understand how much more we still have to learn and that is kinda discouraging, but then i remember I've only been here one week! and its crazy how much i already know. if i had time i would try to write this whole thing in Spanish but it takes to long to translate and type haha. i came into this knowing that humility was going to play a big part and that is how i will progress, so i started great and because of my humility i learn a lot. but then that got to my head and the whole pride cycle happened again in just a few days. i just need to remember that if i try my hardest and be diligent, the Lord will teach my and ayuda me ( help me) to do what he wants me to do especially when hard work falls short. I've had so many great experiences already. Sundays fireside was awesome besides the uncomfortable seats and last nights devotional was awesome too! at the fireside i learned that boldness with the spirit can preform great miracles! we need to be bold with our message and not be shy. the speaker also reminded us of the MTC's motto which is quiet dignity. i think that phrase is pretty cool! something i want to strive for. humility has never been my strong point because i like to have pride in myself and what i do. but with this motto i can quietly be dignified and i can still have pride and be proud of my self but not everybody needs to know.

my first week here and its really hard to organize my thoughts so this probably seem scatter brained sorry. my companion is elder foote. he is pretty great! he has his corky side but he just has different but awesome perspective on things! he is great for me. that's how is seems all through my district! they are great elders and we all compliment each other nicely even with our polar opposites. they make me want to act better and work harder. i might learn more from other elders here at the MTC than i do from the teachers! the greatest thing about here is that you cant avoid the spirit! not that i want to but you couldn't if you tried. even at gym! i love playing ball and i don't think I've played this well for along time. i think its the spirit haha. the hardest thing here is getting distracted. one elder in our district will start talking about home and every one wants to chime in. the worst was when it was about wake boarding! i try so hard to just stay focused!

oh the first day i think of maybe the fireside the speaker said that we need to "be here" if we are constantly thinking about home things and people then we cant truly be here and diligently doing the work. i agree with this the only thing is where is the middle ground of being here and focused and still not remembering those that you care for and love. i cant forget the people who support me with what i am doing. so i m still looking for that answer. well my time is almost out that is why my typing is worse so i have to go. no puedo esperar proximo vez. i cant wait for next time! until then!

E. Montgomery

ps im doing great!

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