Monday, November 19, 2012

November 19

Good morning family,
So this past week I have had 3 companions. That just doubled my number that
I've had all mission.  So after my trainee left  Monday last week in came
a different trainee, a gringo. He was having a ruff time and didn't speak
a word of Spanish. he was already in my zone but they put him with me
to see if i could help him. we were together for 3 days and 2 nights.
but it was more than i could help with. I think I made him feel better
but ya. my new companion is from Honduras  he came from  Huancayo the area
right next to my old one. He just had one transfer so I'm  going to
finish the  training. but he is doing  real well he already has the
hang of the mission just needs to improve his  teaching. but me too
ha ha.  we are  going to have  2 baptisms this week we had an awesome
lesson last night and he accepted this weekend.  his sisters are all
members and we have been working  with him for a while.  he has lots
of faith in prayer and his answers come in his dreams almost always but
its so cool.

Not a lot more has happened but my buddy from high school Thomas Thorpe, is
now in my zone and i see him all the time. ill send a pic next week.
but I'm super happy about that. he  lives just on the other side of
Danish Rd. i thought he would  be in the same ward but its a different
stake.  but a kid named Tyler Mifflin is in our ward he is in
Philippines right now.  well not a whole lot more to say just hope that
more snow comes for you guys.

oh  un favor.  i need someone- most likely Kelsey to close my facebook.
not erase it but so its inactive . they´ve asked us to  do that . I've
been meaning to tell you  but I've forgotten 3 weeks now. thanks. i
don't really understand why because  i don't use it but sometimes we have
to obey the law  until we can understand the principal ha ha.

love you all
E. Montgomery

November 12

family!! and friend if they are still reading ha ha
So much to tell you. really this week has been unreal.  hardest I've had.
Really i almost just gave up this morning but a few letters reminded
me why i am here.  And a scripture i remembered in ether 15. 34.
basically says doesn't matter what happens to me. if i suffer a ton or
if the life is easy. My loyalty is to the Lord and I'll do what it
takes to make it to him in the end.  Even i if i don't have  ¨success¨
like tons of baptisms that's not what matters. if i work like i need to
and do all that is possible to  help people to come to Christ and at
least plant a seed. its worth it. That has change my mind set of
contacting people. Before it was, oh they probable don't live in my area
so I'm not going to bother talking to them.  But now it is so much

This week i started with a trainee. Now I'm with out a companion completely.
 And i probably wont have one for the whole transfer. Just  a mini
missionary as they are called. Some one that is leaving on their mission
and can be with me 24 hours because i cant be alone. I have a division
during the day and sleep with the zone leaders at night.  basically
100 percent of the area depends on me. And i feel the pressure.

Yesterday i went to the the mission leader to pick people up for church the
people who already said yes.  Not one of them came. They all bailed. Its so
discouraging.  i felt like everything i was doing was in vain.

One investigator is name Merry Rojas. is 60 i think she doesn't
remember. she has a really bad memory. its a really long story but she
is living with her sister in law and this week hopefully can be
baptized.   last week week before the transfers we finally had
baptisms. 2 Dayna and Delia. it was really cool. and these past days
since, they have been so happy. I've seen the difference. i hope they can
continue progressing.

But its really hard finding new people. They let us in the first time
and listen and seem interested but after that it is so hard to teach
them again. i don't know what to do .  Finally we got some referrals but
nothing that great has happened.  I'm really depending on the Lord
right now.

Dave with your letter talking about the anchor in our life and stuff i
thought of these scriptures.  Mormon 5.18 and ether 12.4  thanks for
the letter and for the talk from your dad.  still shoveling

Ya hope all is well at home now I'm going to read the letter
love ya E. Montgomery

October 29

So my computer is not letting me upload my pictures... 
Well family and friends. This has be the weirdest 24 hours of my life. I've never felt like that before.  We almost had a baptisms and she was so excited but her uncle ruined it all.  he is the devil. sorry..  he has his two mistresses and he treats his family bad or in other words hits them. his second mistress.. was 19 and he is 20 years older than her. Some of the people here just don't think. 3 times this weekend she said she set a time and day for this weekend for her baptism but those three times he ruined it all.Aall the family is scared of him. He  threatens her that he´ll throw her out and she doesn't have family. Her parents abandoned her and her sister.  she told us her whole story, its so sad. she needs this baptism for hope in her life.  The worst part is the uncle is a member really inactive.... and he wont even talk to us . He hides like with fear..

Ya better note, this weekend she will be baptized.  But my perspective of the mission and why we are here and the authority that is given to us has completely changed.  We are changing peoples lives and we have been called by a prophet of God to do these things and he will support us and hold us, so that his work comes to past.

Honestly with this big mess my companion. has been trash.  I've been depending on the zone leaders because we still live with them till tomorrow. And they help so much!  We had a conference with the president Saturday and it was amazing like always, I always leave edified.  Also McGhie gave his last testimony i don't know how i kept my self from crying

I know that this is his church and that as members we have the responsibility to do our calling with every effort and that they should come first even before work. God knows we have needs but will provide, but he is waiting for our faith to trust him.  This ward here is almost falling apart. This stake lacks leadership. But if they just only understood the importance or their ¨first love¨ Revelation 2 i think..    they could be so strong..

i told you that i got the pictures no? and the news letter and from grandma and uncle Lane. thanks tons!! love you  all hope the new ward is treating you well 

E. Montgomery

October 22


so we moved and i left my cord in my bags and well long story.. but i
don't have photos..   so the room in the pench for us is not quiet
ready they just have to finish the bathroom and floor.. i have pictures..
but we had to leave our other room and we are living with the zone
leaders. but there hasn't been water for a week and they cant work on
our new room with out water... and one bathroom with 4 guys.. imagine
that.. without water.  besides that, i like living with them they help
a lot.
Oh i got the pics you sent mom. the house looks good but needs work
good luck with it wish i could help. and my room looks great just
lacks the flag on the wall haha.  and the picture of the day i left.. wow

Ive gain weight.. but i think its better.  but thanks for sending
them even though i almost got trunky haha. no i like it here to much!

Real quick. I'm tired of my companion. He doesn't really have common
sense.. that's all I'm going to say.

so the ward here is super dormant like a  volcano.  there are problems
in the ward. the bishop doesn't have  councilors right now so we are acting
as counselors and he wants to reorganize the ward like the presidents.
so we are helping visiting and basically  determining peoples future  or
as dad would say. condemning them ha. but no its really cool. how we
three have the same thoughts on the same people even though i don't
really know any one yet.

we want to take advantage of the new presidents. and help ¨´wake up  the
ward¨ to encourage the members to  do their callings and support the
mission work.  i feel kinda responsible to do this and help the ward
be better and if we do it right, like a volcano its going to explode
and  activate lots of success but it wont be in the next week or month but in
time so the next missionaries can work well with the ward and baptize.

we are still having trouble with investigators  the ones we have
still don't have permission to be baptized yet and the water problem..
well people are always going and getting water.. hard to find people.  and
Rocio who is going to get married and then baptized, move to  another
area so we have to pass the referral which is sad.. so kinda we are left
with no one and even when we have, people the ward doesn't help with like

being friends with the investigators, its hard.

i had a good experience . we knocked a door and talked with a girl who
visited long time ago and thought she new everything of the church.
and we were talking   about how there are lots of churches and she asked
me  which was correct . i said depends on who you ask but i know  its

this church that is true. And she looked at me real good and said. you sure? and  i
was happy to respond with total confidence that yes it is.  and something in
side of me just felt so good.  I'm happy to have been able to say yes
with surety in the moment that i needed to.

love you all
E. Montgomery

October 15

good morning!

I've had a really good week. i don't know why but I'm just real happy.
Ok there is a little boy in our pench of 3 years and is so fun to play
with him. reminds me a little of my time with Patten and Kimball but
its not the same haha

so every once and awhile i don't know why but the water just goes
out.. like for a day. and it kinda sucks in the morning haha.

so the pres. sent us all a scripture to study Psalms 103.5 and i read it
and related it with Isaiah 40. 28  30.. honestly it gave my new
hope and force to keep going this week  the eagle, we studied a little
and they go through a renewing process that is real hard but if they
do it they can live 30 years more.  ya you just have to study about it
so cool.

so this family that  we met the other week, we taught the  dad and his
daughters they are awesome and want to learn more. like a family of
gold. only he left for Lima for a week and a half and the wife is only
in town the weekends from work.  but the wife and her daughters came
to church and she was answering the questions in class and paying alot
of attention.  the leader missionary said she is of gold too Ha I'm
really excited!

the couple that we are trying to marry had some big fight last night
but say that they have all the papers already.

Jorge the son of a Methodist  Activist and recent convert, well i think the
family is avoiding us.. which is to bad.

this week we did divisions i went with E. McGhies old comp from
Huancayo my old zone leader,  E. Hernandez from Guatemala he is the
best second only to McGhie  i learned lots and had great experiences

with my comp. he is doing well just that i feel like senor companion. he
kinda found out that i can lead the lessons and planning in the night
so he leaves it to me almost.  he isn't the best teacher but he has love
for the people. i love these people so much too. i am just way happy.
its really cool to be here.   so i don't have time to read the letters
and respond today so ill print  love you all!

E. Montgomery