Monday, October 15, 2012

October 8

Ya to bad that the letters haven't made it yet...

Conference was awesome! but i didn't get to see all of it.  But i have

some great news from this week
first I'm tired again every night from working good and hard. i sleep
well again just not two nights ago because  i was sick again ha.,

Ya here is supper hot and tons of bugs i have like 20 bites on every arm.

We are looking for people to teach like crazy and we found a bunch
this week.  I'm excited to see their progress and lots of them came to
conference.  one is Rocio she has been a investigator for a month but
lives with her partner and he works kinda far so its hard for us to talk
to him but Rocio wants to be baptized way bad and is awesome. she has
a good testimony.

i would 'write about the others that we found this week but there is

kinda a lot and explaining every one would be to much. ill explain
  their progress each week though.

so my companion in the past has had bad companions, really trunky so he
developed bad habits but now he has a good desire to work and we are

doing well. just that well for 20 months i thought that he would be a
little smarter as a missionary. i just feel like the senior companion some
times but its OK. and i really am thankful for E. Perez because from
him i learned how to teach people and focus in them. my new companion
doesn't understand it yet, it seems like ,oh well.

E. McGhie is going to eat with us in the pench today!! and 
E. Morales my trainer is with him as leader of  the zone with only 9 months.

Kara thanks for you letter about school hope your doing good and
thanks to the Hatch family for their birthday card and congrats to

listening to conference and a talk about spending time with the
family.. sorry for not ever wanting to go on a walks..... and spend
time with you.

love you all
E. Montgomery

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October 1

So this week i got transferred to Huanuco. the city that E.McGuie
started in the same area even. paucarbamba in the zone amarilis.  
E. Mcguie is even in the other zone here in Huanuco so i get to see him
every once and a while.  all the people still remember him from 2
years ago ha ha.

i sent some letters home with E. Corbridge last week i hope you got them.

my new comp. is elder Don is from Guatemala. he has 20 months in the
mission.  i heard somethings about him that scare me. like he is
another E. Perez but seems like he has made a change or at least wants
to finish well.  I'm keeping my eye out for him.

So i got pretty sick after getting here that sucked again .But here is
awesome. its not cold at all more humid also.  surrounded by mountains.
there are more trees and really pretty.  no wonder everyone likes it

So my birthday.. ya ill send pictures. they are crazy with the
parties.  we came home from working and every one was there
investigators recent converts and members. i got so dirty from food
being thrown.  they are so loving. they gave me a going a way gifts and
were so thoughtful.  things to remember from Peru.

here in my new area practically, there is not any investigators, its so
little also the area and so far there aren't any references from the
ward  but they gave us a goal of 12 baptisms this month.  there is alot
of work to do. but I'm really excited. i just want to teach the people
to be happy and find the joy of the church and be faithful members.
Ive never had desires like this before its really weird but i just
want to be here and work really hard. i remember E. McGuie say the same
thing 3 months ago and i didn't really get it but now i do.  i don't
know but i really feel like baptizing people but not for  a number but
for their own salvation and that they understand the importance of
this. its hard to explain my feelings and don't know where it came from
but i like it.

so i have't gotten a letter from dad for 2 weeks i bet he's busy
but ya now I'm going to read the letter you sent thanks mom and family
love ya

E. Montgomery
buenos dias familia!
so i have a quick question. what generation of member am i. people ask
me and i don't know ha ha

so its kinda weird having a birthday and 6 month mark basically the
say day. the bishops wife surprises me with a cake the 21. that was
nice of her. but the cakes here kinda suck. but its the thought
that counts. also i really don't want to like celebrate that much because
its going to take from the work and I'm not here on my time I'm here as a
missionary a little thing would be fine. but the ward basically
planned a party for tonight after p day.  its one of the kid's birthday
today also.  but I'm little scared. they like throw eggs at people and
stuff when its your birthday. and to morrow i have to pack. i don't want
to pack dirty clothes like that.. oh well. ill take pictures ya

tomorrow is when the pres. will call me to tell me where to go. it
will be like 3 nephi 1.12 something like that when it said lift up
your head and be of good cheer. because the next day i will leave my companion
hah. sounds bad but i can't handle him any more.  yesterday he was just
trying to bug me. he got done talking to the leader of district and
tells me... E. Sacon told me that both the baptism chose me <him, my
comp< but E. Sacon kinda changed their mind so we each would do it,
just to bug you.... he really said it just like that.  oh thanks for
making me feel great.  the whole night was like that. and the past 2
days we haven't had  single lesson with investigators. hardly left.
yesterday we went back to change form dinner and church and i was
like, lets go we have some people we can go teach. he said no I'm tired and
my head kinda hurts. so he slept. every day he sleeps til 7 also..
and dinner should be just 1 hour. yesterday 2. but me saying any thing
doesn't change any thing he just says no. and he is senor companion. I'm

so I'm reading b of m again and came across this scripture 1 NE 8. 37.
i know it wasn't quite like lamen and lemual but iti wasn't easy to deal
with. thanks for striving to teach me  so that i could enjoy the
happiness from the gospel.

we had 2 baptized this week. we just knock on their door one day.
first contact that I've baptized. the rest have be referrals.  but i
know sister Noemi is going to be a great leader in the church one day.
she has a great testimony.

i had a really hard morning one day this week and practically put my
self to cry more like pleading with the lord to help me out.  but it
was the coolest experience. after asking for help i don't know something. i
had a great feeling of just peace come over me. and i knew everything
is OK and ya I'm not doing everything i can but the Lord understands my
circumstance, that its not really my fault and i just need to keep
doing what i can.

one of the hardest week of my mission but its over now ha ha
i got Kara's letter  finally ill read it after.
love you all
E. Montgomery

September 17

wow ya mom congrats with the program and no worries that you always cry

i have a scripture for you Matt. 5. 4  i hope you like it. and how did
the program of Patten's program go?

ya uncle Lane sent me pictures of the temple and the tabernacle and
they look so sweet i have them hanging on my wall.  ya it is to bad
that you couldn't get see it before, but at least you realize it now
and can do a session.  talking of the temple, i really miss it.  i
kinda hope i get transferred to Lima so that i might have a chance to
go! its been way long. its funny i remember Ryan saying the same thing

first will you tell grandma K that yes i can read her letters and
thank you haha.

i had a funny experience one morning my companion asked if i knew that i talk
in my sleep. and yes i know. but he told me that he thought it was a

Latino because i was talking so clear. and teaching some lesson. so why is
it that i can't talk like that when I'm awake!! oh well ill just keep
so i read Landon's story of doing service and he hit a turtle with a
shovel. that is so cool. think about it, when he hit it he thought he

hit a rock and we know how that is a pain in the butt but it turns out
to be something so cool like a turtle. its like life we are dong
things and its seems like we hit a rock and we get up set but we
shouldn't because it could turn out to be something way cool like a
turtle ha ha

we watched the testaments, when Christ comes to the Americas,  with
Noemi and Enzo this week and at the end Enzo told us that when it said
that the Messiah came and will come again. he felt something like wow
almost like a big gust of wind but inside.  he always gets cool
feelings for his answer. and better he recognized it like and answer.

the testaments is so awesome i always get such a great feeling.  oh
and his mom comprehends everything so well, awesome investigators and
 they are super excited for Sunday  for their baptism.

oh and Ryan's comp. elder eppich. ya he was in my zone in mtc i know
him. that's super weird. and that 2 gringos together and they aren't zone
leaders.  wow.

ya love you all thank for everything.

September 10

Ya wow seems pretty crazy at home but I'm glad your getting lots of help.
not going to lie i don't have much time Because we had to do a questionnaire..
but cool experiences. so Noeme and her son Enso have come to church 2
times and are so ready and prepared. and Enso told us that when he
partook of the sacrament he felt something he has never felt before and
it was cool. that was awesome to hear. they both are just taking
everything in and enjoying it.

Sandra and her daughters are progressing really well top. And she told
us the story how things were not going well in their lives so she
prayed for help and basically she ran in to the church in a bunch of
ways like and old friends. its cool how the Lord answers our prayers
 so boldly sometimes.
But not all is hunky dory.
two investigators basically we lost them. one she is 18 years old and
basically lived with her boyfriend for 3 years and he is pretty
controlling but she has just gotten used to it so now that he doesn't want
her to see us anymore shes making excuses that its her own choice not to
see us.

Also Silvia she is awesome. has been to a baptize with her niece and
came to church. but her pareja and her mom are crazy.  Silvia doesn't
feel good in her relationship, she feels obligated and wants to leave but
her mom supports the guy. so she doesn't feel any support from any one
and wants to be baptized but cant if she is living with him and he
doesn't want to get married... ya really interesting.

ya things aren't perfect with my companion but I'm dealing with it.

love E. Montgomery

September 3

I'm super excited for you Kimberlee and Bubba. keep me up dated ya.
wow i kinda cant believe it with the house still but its awesome that
things are working out. and I'm sure you will find time to pack mom.

OK so this week i got sick of the gripe. basically the cold. it was
terrible but we kept working.  we have some awesome new people.  Noemi
and her son Enso. both have pretty good animos. they came to church
yesterday and they liked it but seemed like Noemi was bugged when she
found out that only the men get the priesthood haha.

oh and grandpa. haha is not a type of code  just when i make my self
laugh or smile haha

and we had a baptize this week. he was my second lesson when i first
got here. but he has received the missionaries for 4 months but had not
come to church. i thought it was a lost cause but he came and he liked

it and was baptized and totally  it was pretty awesome. i think it was
because of my new comp. he is really go with the people.

but with my companion he has his ways set. we were going to set goals
together but everything i mentioned he just said. ya lets not.  and
also we had a inventory to kinda clear things up. but everything i
said he kinda rationalized.. i also said that we want our invest. to
pray more diligently cuz they aren't. but how can we ask that if we are

not diligent in leaving on time and the little things that he has now
in a routine it bugs me. he seems kinda contrary.

we had a lesson with a gentleman evangelist. long story short. he
almost robbed my bible. tried to say if we were really living the
gospel that i would give it to him. its not that he didn't have one
either. i was so mad. my bible has more meaning than just a book to
me. Ive marked it up  and it's the memories of my mission.  finally i
just said. if you don't give it back, you are robbing me. he got
offended. but by this time i didn't care.  dumb people that use the
lords name to get gain.

this week i read 3 Ne 27. it was pretty sweet you should read it. and
4 Ne. talking about the people and what made them eventually fall
into sin. so we can avoid doing the same.

I'm super thankful for you guys, my family and the principles you taught me.

love you all
.E Montgomery

Kara. how is school, what do you think of it? and why, tell me.

and take before and after pictures of the house please just for me

August 27

ya my companion can teach but also is really trunky. and like
today he didn't get up till 7. i think i better talk to him about it but
I'm kinda scared to i don't know why but ya. maybe cuz he has 22 months
here and i have 5.. ha.

oh ya check out my stamp that i got made haha it says transfers<-  but
in Spanish. and then my face and the bottom is a word that i use to
say oh crap haha.

wow sounds great with Kara and getting used to the new ward and with
school and all.  i cant believe how good the house looks! and imagine
how much better it would have been if would have helped haha. but it
is kinda sad.

we have so many blessing in the USA.  kids here want so badly to go to
the activities and Church but sometimes the parents don't let them. at
home the kids don't want to go but the parents are more than willing to
let them go.  and for seminary they wake up so early. some of them to
pick up others like at 4 or 5 in the morning . and at home the kids
skip seminary just cuz. the sacrifice here is awesome.

but i have one. remember my question like 5 months ago. should we be
part of the gospel or the gospel part of us. well yesterday i got the
answer. there was a ward conference in our ward and he compared our
life, like water how it takes shape of the container right.  our
life should be part of the gospel. we are movable and adaptable. we
just need to take the time to mold  our life. there will always be
tough times but some of the challenges of life we put in front of our
selves with our bad choices if every one in the world comprehend and
lived the gospel the suffering would greatly decrease. We can't change
the world but we  can change our own life
when we shape and change our life. the gospel, or the way that God wants
it we show love and humility unto him. when we act in his way, is when
we show humility and that is when we can be filled or better said enlightened with his spirit to guide us, teach us with personal
revelation and we will always know that god lives. Jesus is the Christ.
this is his church and the only medium to return to his presence is
through the use of the atonement.
3 nephi 12---christ´s higher law.

thanks for all. love you
Elder Derek Montgomery