Thursday, December 27, 2012

December 10

 So,  a  funny story i was dreaming that i sat up in my bed and i wanted to get out but i couldn't find the floor with my feet, so i thought just a little more. ya i fell.  In my dream i was in the lower bunk but i sleep in the top.  For real. i fell. i landed on my feet fine but  then i woke up. it hurt so bad my legs. but i couldn't do anything about  it so i climbed back up and slept. my comp tells everyone and they laugh way hard.

So  Fousto the 83 year  old is going to get baptized this week.  Also we finally got to teach the whole family of David and Angela.  i don't know if you remember we found them the second week of last transfer.  But they like hid from us.This time we knew that if they didn't feel anything we were done for.  But in the end they were all crying. the spirit was strong the next day we went and we watched the  testaments about when Christ came  to the America's. They had read that part in the Book of Mormon that night but not only that chapter but the next two.   Well the water works again. We put a date for the baptism and the daughter of  8 years said, but why not today. ha its a family  of  4. i hope all goes well. my companion went to Lima today to do immigrations but  ya  I'm with my mission leader  really cool guy.   So that's kinda it for now. thanks to all,  love ya all.


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