Thursday, December 27, 2012

December 17

So Tuesday we had meetings and my comp went to  Lima for emigrations
and i was with the leader missionary. But our zone Leaders burned us. But it was
deserved and it motivated me to work harder so it worked, and it really is
what we needed.  The thing is the whole zone had only one baptism.
that is nothing... ya

  Ya this family of David and Angela and their daughters Cielo and
Geraldine are awesome they came to our baptism of Foust of 82 years
ha ha and  they liked it. They keep wanting to hear of the temple.
David asked his wife in the lesson; do yo want to be with me for
ever. she said yes. i almost cried. The other daughter said to her
dad when we weren't there. i don't want them to baptize me because then
 the missionaries wont come anymore.    ha ha this is the
family that hid from us like 2 months ago. God works in funny ways.
But the hardest thing is I'm most likely to be transferred and heading out. its
super sad. I've worked hard here but i wont be able to see the fruits.
but that's my pride talking i should just accept the  will  of God and i
do. i understand. But it'll be hard. it's really humbling..

But the baptism, so we told the bishop he said he would be there. we
filled the fount in the morning and return the keys to him like he said.
and he knew we did. 7 pm no one is in the church we go to the bishops
house to at least get the keys. no one is home.  We call him and call
him. doesn't answer. finally he does. i ask if we can use the keys . "oh
you guys don't have them". no  bishop you wanted them back. oh and no
one is in my house. yes we know that ( but i talked really nice to him
don't worry. but i wanted to put him in his place.)  so are you going
to come?  No i cant make it I'm with the family... that's how it went and
no one else has keys .   Almost no one came from the ward even though
we told every  one. But the family we are teaching and the brother
of Fausto we are teaching him too.  So we had to go up to the other
church and do a baptism with the other sister  missionaries. It turned
out really good just makes me mad...  but yup the life of a missionary
 got to love it...

so love you all, hope its all well 

now ill take a sec to read

E. Montgomery

still shoveling

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